A series of interactive pieces and prints that explore our perceptions of dissonance, consonance, harmony and noise through the superposition of sound vibrations and their visualization.

In collaboration with Manuela Donoso.

The Harmonic Series was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago de Chile, File Festival in São Paulo, Bienal Kosice, Noviembre Electrónico and +Code festival in Buenos Aires, Sonar+D in Buenos Aires and Santiago, and the Dumbo Arts Festival in Brooklyn.

It was featured by Creative Applications, Trend Hunter, and Women Multimedia Network, among others.

Device #1 on display at +Code festival in Buenos Aires

Two voices captured by two microphones cause the vibration of mirrors atached to the membranes of two speakers. As a laser beam is reflected on the two mirrors, these vibrate in perpendicular directions projecting patterns on the wall.

Images from the exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago de Chile.

Top-left: Device #2
[x:tone, y:tone, z:voice]

Right: Prints representing major (4:5:6), minor (10:12:15) and diminished (45:54:64) chords.

Major chord 3D print

Major chord on volumetric display