The Counterpointer is a synthesizer that generates three-voice harmonies in the style of Bach, and in dialog with the user.

It is the first device in The Well–Sequenced Synthesizer, a series of synthesizers that explores new ways of interacting with music.

The Counterpointer was presented, in different iterations, at Ableton Loop Summit (Berlin, 2016), Moogfest (Durham, NC, 2016), New Museum's NEW INC showcase (NYC, 2016), Red Bull Arts New York (NYC, 2015), and the NIME conference (London, 2014).

It was selected as a finalist for the SXSW Interactive Awards, and featured on Wired UK, Gizmodo and Creators, among others. Oh: ✧・゚* Brian Eno tweeted about it *・゚✧ too.

Malika Boudissa and Merche Blasco play with the Counterpointer III At Moogfest 2016.

After the user enters a sequence of eight notes through a step-sequencer, an algorithm runs through thousands of melodies to generate soprano and bass voices to the alto input, using the harmonic rules of counterpoint developed during the Renaissance.

New Museum's NEW INC Interview about The Counterpointer II

Roman Lewis from DAMEHT tries The Counterpointer II at Red Bull Studios in NYC.


Execerpt from Alfred Mann's translation of Joseph Fux's Gradus ad Parnassum (1725), the source of the algorithm rules in The Counterpointer.

Design and assembly of The Counterpointer III at the New Inc studio

Jeremy Pickett working on the wooden boxes for the Counterpointer III at his Red Hook shop.


Musicians play-test the Counterpointer II


Counterpointer III (Moogfest + Ableton Loop)
Concept & Design
Luisa Pereira
Luisa Pereira, Yotam Mann
PCB Consultant
Pablo Gindel
Wood Box Fabrication
Jeremy Pickett
Demo Performance
Merche Blasco
Video Documentation
Sebastian Taylor
Moog Music provided Mother-32 synths for testing and exhibition.
Counterpointer II (New Inc Showcase)
Concept & Design
Luisa Pereira
Luisa Pereira, Yotam Mann
Wood Box Fabrication
Ben Light
Play testing videos
Tali Kimelman
Play testers
Daniel Anselmi, Gabriel Casacuberta, Cooptrol (Hernán González), Leticia Cárpena

Counterpointer I (ITP, NYU)
Concept, Design, Engineering and Fabrication
Luisa Pereira