Strings is a site-specific, room-scale, immersive musical instrument.

In collaboration with Monica Bate and Johann Diedrick

It was exhibited at Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Santiago de Chile, Dumbo Arts Festival and Ventana244 Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, and the New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Below-left, Catherine Curry performs with Strings and violin.

Center: Heather Contant and Cammisa Bauerhaus perform Strings with radio signals and tuning forks.

Right: Lisa Park, a collaborator in the first version of Strings, does a dance and sound performance with Antonius Wiriadjaja.

Strings installation at Ventana244 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

A series of guest performances was held weekly during the exhibition; artists were invited to play Strings with their own sounds, to explore it as a canvas.


Guest artists also included Merche Blasco, who played back random memories from her found sound collection; Nick Yulman, who played Strings in conjunction his mechanical orchestra; and Kiori Sherwood-Kawai et all, whose coreography ended with the destruction of the piece at the exhibition closing night. A video documenting sections of all performances can be found here.

Strings at the Dumbo Arts Festival in Brooklyn.

Strings at Google Adwords Conference in Half Moon Bay, California

Strings at the NIME Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan