In C is an infinitely evolving music performance for the web inspired by Terry Riley's seminal minimalist work of the same name. Musicians/users control the pace at which their instruments advance through the composition through interaction with the mouse and keyboard.

A collaboration with Yotam Mann and Kevin Siwoff.

In C was presented at Bushwick-based radio show Gunwash, in a live performance that listeners took part in from their computers.

Click play for a snippet from the radio performance.

Each performer joins from their own browser, and is assigned a unique synth sound. A colored polygon represents which pattern they are currently playing in the composition. As they move across the patterns using the keyboard, they can see where other performers are as well.

This infinitely evolving, distributed, synth-based performance follows Terry Riley's original score and performance directions, which state that "any kind of instruments can play", and that "there is no fixed rule as to the number of repetitions" for each pattern.

The score is presented in graphical notation form, which evolved over several iterations and is generated directly from the original.