Hello. My name is Luisa Pereira. I'm an artist, engineer and musician based in Brooklyn.

I create interactive music projects, which I've shown around the world; recent venues include the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago de Chile, the Loop Summit in Berlin, and the New Museum's art and technology incubator in New York City, where I was an inaugural member.

As a designer and engineer, I build interactive and generative systems in collaboration with artists, brands, and production studios. My work spans across concept development, interaction design, software engineering and hardware prototyping, and clients include Samsung, Hermés and Google.

As an educator, I have developed creative computation teaching materials and curriculum for the NYC Department of Education, with the support of the Processing Foundation. I have taught at NYU Tisch's ITP, the School of Visual Arts, the School for Poetic Computation, and the Interactive Media Arts program at NYU Shanghai.

Feel free to get in touch ––in English, Español ou Português.